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About Rick Henry's Designs

I can create whatever you want or need!


Hi my name is Rick Henry, I have near two decades of self learned graphic design experience. I have designed websites, advertistement campaigns, calendars, greeting cards, gift tags, flyers, party invitations, wedding invites, anouncement documents, and much more. I have done this work for various businesses and organizations. I have also authored six books of which I designed the front and back covers as well as format the design of the pages. For many of my friends I am the go to person when they need something desgined. I am able to design anything from simple to complex.

I can design the following for you:

  • Greeting Cards (Birthday, Holiday, Anniversary, Graduation and more)

  • Invitations (Wedding, Birthday, Party, Concert, Dinner, etc)

  • Advertisement Flyers

  • Sign-In/Sign-Up/Tracking Sheets

  • Calendars

  • Announcements (Wedding, Business, Birth, etc)

  • Postcards

  • Coupons

  • Memes

  • Book covers (front and back)

  • And much more...


I can also:

  • Design and build

  • Format book pages

  • Format website pages

  • Restore Photos

  • Create Advertisement Campaigns

Cut-Off Dates:

  • Valentine's Days - submit no later than January 14th

  • Mother's Day/Father's Days - Three weeks before

  • Halloween - No later than October 1st

  • St. Patrick's Day - No later than February 20th

  • Cinco De Mayo - No later than April 10th

  • Fourth of July - No later than June 10th

  • New Year's Eve - No later than November 29th

  • Birthday, Anniversary, and other dated events - No later than one month before event happens

Visit my CONTACT page to request an estimate


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