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My Designs and Restorations

by Rick Henry
1944 Mom.jpg
1944 Mom_edited-1.jpg

This is the first photo I ever restored. I did it back in 2004. It's somewhat archaic compared to subsequent photos I have restored. One of these days I will re-restore the original. 

The photo is of my mom taken in 1945, she was eight years old. I love her beautiful big brown eyes. This was a school photo.

My mom gave me the photo in 1974, when I was 14 years old. I have always cherished this beautiful photo of my mom. But, I always wished it didn't have the folds and creases in it.

Finally, after having it for 30 years my dream came true - the folds and creases were taken away - and I did it myself.


This is the second photo I restored, later in 2004. It is a photo of my mom and dad when they were married in 1956.


This one was especially challenging trying to keep the integrity of my mom's gown and the curtains behind them. I never felt I got it right but I put a lot of work into it and for any early job I was still pleased with the results. 


Like the 1945 photo of my mom, one day I will re-restore this one. I know with my further developed expertise in photo restoration I can get those curtains looking perfect. 


This was the first photo I restored for someone other than myself. I was nervous because I wanted to get it just right.

This is a prom photo of one of my friend's daughters and a former boyfriend. My friend asked me if I could take the boyfriend out. I told her I could try. 

The challenges were; it was a photo of a photo so the color was somewhat faded and the females entire left side is covered by the boyfriend. 

I cropped the photo just above her arm and erased the boyfriend from the photo and recolored the background. Then I had to create the illusion of a left shoulder to balance things out. Last, I enriched the overall color of the photo. My friend loved it.

Irene 3 final 1.jpg

This so far is the most challenging photo I have restored (or as I like to say reconstructed). This photo came from my friend Irene Economou. It's her Father and her Aunts. 

The biggest challenges were keeping the integrity of the little girl's headdress. There is a lot of little detail there. Also the boy's right hand was a lot of work.

Once it was completed I was extremely happy with the results and Irene was overjoyed with her reconstructed family heirloom.

Corey Final Final 1 medium.jpg

This was done for my friend Corey. A photo of his Grandmother and her sister. When I first saw the photo I was a bit hesitant. I'm always nervous with paid jobs. I don't want to disappoint my clients (my friends). Photo restoration is part skill and part art. I feel it is very subjective as to whether a restoration is good or not. I take a good amount of artistic license in doing these restorations. Many times I am creating an illusion of something that may have disintegrated in the photo or has been damaged. That's when the art side of this work comes in.

After I did all the fixes in the photo, I played around with different tones; sepia, black and white, colorized, etc. I also tried different sizes; small, medium, and large in all the various tones. I presented Corey with about 16 different options and he chose two or three he was most pleased with. 

This was to be a Christmas gift for his mom. Before he gave it to her he showed me the printed copies he made and I was astonished at how beautiful the end result was. 


In my job at The Home Depot I worked as the Lead Generator. I generated leads for the company's In-Home services. I did a variety of creative things to succeed in the job. I had outdoor vendor events, car shows, fun games for the customers and contests for the employees. But what I enjoyed the most was using my graphic arts skills to create promotional documents. 

This one is my favorite, a tri-fold brochure. One of the managers thought it was something that came from corporate office. I said, "No, I designed this one myself."

This Bathroom Remodeling was one of my favorites. I gave the flyer a creative and modern look because remodeling a bathroom is a creative (and oftentimes modernizing) experience.

I worked at displaying a few photos that depicted the range of work Home Depot did. I also created a layout in which I could fit all the necessary information and make it easy to read and understand at a quick glance.

Rick Henry Sasha Car and Daddy Dog's Rea
Donna Summer Resource Center.jpg

In my journey in life I have written and co-written several children's books. There are three in my Sasha Cat & Daddy Dog series. The illustrations are simple yet likable. I formatted the front and back covers and spine myself as well as each page in the books. I also created fun and simple images to promote the books, as seen below.

Sasha Cat Advert.jpg

I created this image for a Facebook fan group. I formatted the size to perfectly fit in the header area of the group page.

The image of Donna Summer was taken from one of her album covers. I spent the time to extract the image and turn it into a png photo with a transparent background.

Donna Summer Four Seasons of Love.jpeg
Rick Henrys Jazz Art postcard front.jpg

The front and back side of a postcard I designed to promote my picture book titled Rick Henry's Jazz Art. 

The postcard is a standard US Postcard size.

Rick Henrys Jazz Art Postcard back.jpg
Modern Family Christmas Card.jpg

Greeting cards are one of my specialties. Whatever the occasion I can design a card for you. I can do custom or generic.

I can also do custom greeting text inside or insert a generic greeting.

Whatever your heart desires I can make your holidays and birthdays special with your very own unique greeting cards.

Whatever you are looking for I can design or create it. Business cards, flyers to promote your business, basic or detailed resume, contract agreement, design and build a website, coupons, invitations... Check out my About page for more information.

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